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Awning Signage, Umbrella Signage, Flag Signage. Clausio North America

Turn your retractable awning into an interactive sign.


We are involved in the custom design of your products.Do you have an awning already in place or would you like to order one? Our LED lambrequin adapts to your needs and becomes a brand on its own right.

This solution allows you to avoid the installation of a sign, …

Solar powered roller shutter

Solar roller shutters: Advantages

The evolution of shutters and gates motors in recent years has brought more ecological solar energy systems to the market.

Free electricity, ease of use, quick installation …

The solar powered roller shutter has many advantages, so you will make the right choice by opting for this solution:

Its installation is quick …

Recycling is of great value to us.

Wood, Aluminum or PVC, which material to choose?

The advantages and disadvantages of the different materials (and their recycling aluminum and PVC) constituting modern insulating windows and doors are numerous.

So we’ll try to go through each solution objectively:
Wood :
Wood is a natural and renewable material. It is the most used to this day. It is naturally insulating …

Clausio transparent roller shutter

Rolling Shutter with transparent slats

This rolling shutter with transparent slats is manufactured in our workshops. It adapts to a multitude of situations. They are available in different finishes, from the classic roller shutter to the hurricane protection version, so we are sure to have the product you need. Tell us what you need, …

We have been manufacturing for you since 1997

We have been manufacturing quality products at the best prices for our customers since 1997.

It is because our company works only in a traditional way, to measure and with modern techniques that we can truly adapt to the needs of our customers. Each of the products that come out …

Oknoplast PVC profiles. Oknopast and Clausio group, a long-standing partnership.

Windows and PVC doors: a good choice?

Against all expectations, it is a recyclable material: PVC Windows and Doors, is it a good choice? We will try to help you. PVC is the only plastic in common use made with more than 50% of raw materials of mineral origin (salt), the source of which is considered …

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