We have been manufacturing for you since 1997

We have been manufacturing for you since 1997

We have been manufacturing quality products at the best prices for our customers since 1997.

It is because our company works only in a traditional way, to measure and with modern techniques that we can truly adapt to the needs of our customers. Each of the products that come out of our workshop is unique.

Our manufacturing and quality control process allows us to maintain consistent quality and avoid unpleasant surprises.

For example, each product is checked, photographed before being packaged. We do the same with the accessory boxes.

When we deliver over great distances, by road, air or sea, we manufacture custom-made wooden or steel crates …

Specialized in custom manufacturing, we produce windows, doors, shutters, fences, verandas, pergolas, hurricane protection … for you.

Our Lakeland workshop specializes in manufacturing hurricane protection.
We offer classic roller shutters in all colors, roller shutters with transparent slats, garage roller shutters, accordion shutters, storm panels, fabric panels and spare parts.
We also offer PVC windows and doors for new and renovation projects.
We also provide protection against the sun, such as pergolas with adjustable slats (bioclimatic pergola), retractable terrace awnings, retractable mosquito nets, pergolas with retractable canvases …

  • We love to innovate.

  • Custom manufacturing .

  • All colors possible.

  • Fast manufacturing.

  • Delivery everywhere in North America and the Caribbean.

  • We train our customers on our products.

It is not enough to offer good products, it is also necessary to know how to sell, install and repair them.

This is obvious, isn’t it?

We help our customers understand our products, how they are made, how they sell, how they repair.

We also offer physical assistance on site: for example, if one of our customers has to install his first pergola with adjustable slats and has never done so, we offer a delivery + technician package on site.

We propose to set up a personalized show room in each point of sale. Our internal marketing department also allows us to offer our customers to personalize our brochures / notices / forms to their image to further strengthen their brand image.

Finally, we have in stock the majority of the spare parts necessary for the troubleshooting of our products.


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