Wood, Aluminum or PVC, which material to choose?

Recycling is of great value to us.
Recycling is of great value to us.

Wood, Aluminum or PVC, which material to choose?

The advantages and disadvantages of the different materials (and their recycling aluminum and PVC) constituting modern insulating windows and doors are numerous.

So we’ll try to go through each solution objectively:

Wood :

Wood is a natural and renewable material. It is the most used to this day. It is naturally insulating (low coefficient of thermal conductivity) and therefore allows multiple configurations at lower cost. It can be repainted and repaired as you wish. Its recycling is quite complex because of the chemical treatments that the wood undergo (water repellent treatment, insecticide, fungicide, paints…). It is also quite complicated to separate the glazing on the old wooden windows so they unfortunately often end up in waste reception centers, buried underground.


PVC is a 99% recyclable material, obtained from the petrochemical industry, consisting of:

– 57% salt
– 43% of petroleum derivatives and residues resulting from the transformation of crude oil into fuel for vehicles or other.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) can be flexible or rigid. It has a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity, therefore very insulating. In its rigid form, it is perfectly suited to the construction of windows and doors. Some manufacturers add steel reinforcements in their window and door construction to gain rigidity and reliability. Therefore, it is an excellent material for all your door frames.

Aluminum :

Aluminum is a metallic material with less interesting insulating qualities than wood or PVC. But it has the advantage of being able to work on larger dimensions and on an infinite range of colors. Produced mainly from an ore called Bauxite (from which alumina is extracted), aluminum is recyclable indefinitely (and does not lose any of its value or its qualities). It is a very light metal, less dense than steel. It demonstrates superior mechanical strength (it is considered that one kilogram of aluminum can replace two kilograms of steel in its automotive applications). It is therefore the ideal solution for building large projects such as a veranda, a glass wall (called a curtain wall) or a pergola. Aluminum is also the main material used in the design of roller shutters and patio awnings.

And the money in all this, you will tell me?

Well, PVC is currently the best quality / price ratio for windows and doors thanks to its insulating qualities, low production cost and low maintenance. Comes by following wood for its low cost of production, with aluminum remaining the most expensive material.

But for shutters, aluminum remains the best investment for its resistance and its lifespan.

We can advise you on all your projects, so do not hesitate to consult us.

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