Aluminum Deck… Good choice ?

Knotwood by Clausio North America
Aluminum Deck Planks for a Durable, Quality Deck. By Knotwood and Clausio North America

Aluminum Deck… Good choice ?

An aluminum terrace …
Is it good or not?

To begin with, let’s say Stop the ideas received:

  • no, aluminum does not retain heat, so you will not burn your feet while walking on it.
  • no, aluminum is not necessarily slippery, with a suitable coating, no more slipping.
  • and no, aluminum does not necessarily scratch, with a solid coating you can enjoy your deck for a long time.

Let’s also not forget the known advantages of aluminum:

  • it is a stable material, so there is no danger of it falling apart.
  • but it is also a sustainable and ecological material because it is 100% recyclable and infinitely.
  • finally, it is a material that can withstand a multitude of colors that resist very well to seaside for example (and in general to special environments such as pool edges or strong temperature differences).

So what about an aluminum product designed by terrace, fencing and facade professionals? Non-slip coating, a multitude of colors including wood imitations, impeccable finish profiles and a lifetime warranty?

There are many reasons why aluminum is the ideal deck material:

Lightweight, easy to install, simple interlocking installation, strength, does not attract insects. Aluminum does not crack, rot or require ongoing maintenance like wood.

Clausio decks are designed with metal components and matched fixings for ultimate strength and durability.

With a choice of two simple click-in systems, Clausio decks focus on effortless installation.

Both systems are designed to conceal the fasteners (screws in particular) leaving a “burr-free” finish

Our self-mated design uses the same extrusion piece that snaps together to form a slat-like finish, resulting in less waste (scraps). The stacked plank system requires a bit more craftsmanship to achieve a gap-free finish.

Our slats are 6.5 meters long.

You want to invest in a beautiful terrace, which remains beautiful for a very long time and without any maintenance: opt without hesitation for the Clausio Aluminum terrace. Contact Us

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