What is the purpose of a roller shutter?

What is the purpose of a roller shutter?

That’s why it’s a good idea to install roller shutters

It’s been a long time since we wrote on our blog… Since covid is going through, we all have to learn to live with it.

The subject of this article: what is the purpose of a roller shutter?

Electric roller shutter, blue color. A special manufacture for one of our American customers. We also made him a pleated mosquito net in the same color.

In Europe, of course, this is not an issue because it is a common consumer product.

But in North America, roller shutters are too often use only to protect businesses and property from hurricanes.

And it’s true, the roller shutter is the most practical and reliable solution to protect yourself:

quick and easy installation

– discreet aesthetics, it takes up little space on your facade

– It is very easy to use from the inside of your home thanks to a crank or a motorization.

you can opt for a version with transparent slat

– it is very easy to maintain and to repair.

But what we often forget is that it can also become one of your best comfort tools. Indeed, a rolling shutter of our production is designed so that you can use it every day.

It will be effective to get full shade in your home and it more efficient than an interior blind.

It will also be effective during the day to aerate your home safely thanks to its openwork blades (openwork blades are invisible in closed position).In a closed position, he’ll keep the burglars out. And it also allows better insulation in the closed position, and therefore energy savings (heating or air conditioning).

And for the esthetic rating, we have a large choice of colors so that your roller shutter is perfectly adapted to your home. We can even make variegated colors if you want (for example, box and rails in white, and the rest in red…)

If you are interested in ecology like us, then you will appreciate that our roller shutters are efficient in terms of thermal insulation… but also in terms of energy consumption since our solar version is totally autonomous ( and very fast and easy to install ). Added to this is that our roller shutter is composed mainly of aluminum (100% infinitely recyclable), so you have the possibility to make a gesture for the future.

And finally, a point not to forget, which is very important since it is about money, when you equip your house with roller shutters, you do not really spend money: you give a significant added value to your property.

For new construction, we even have a version of our roller shutter that fits into the walls: it is therefore totally invisible in open position.

You have understood, the roller shutter made by Clausio is full of benefits and comfort, and also allows you to earn money when reselling your property (or to ask for a higher rent for your rental property).

We manufacture all year round, and we deliver everywhere in North America and the islands. Quotes are free. Contact us

Click here to see a video of rolling shutter installation

Solar powered roller shutter

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