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Oknoplast PVC profiles. Oknopast and Clausio group, a long-standing partnership.

Windows and PVC doors: a good choice?

Against all expectations, it is a recyclable material: PVC Windows and Doors, is it a good choice? We will try to help you. PVC is the only plastic in common use made with more than 50% of raw materials of mineral origin (salt), the source of which is considered inexhaustible. As a result, its share of non-renewable fossil energy (petroleum) and therefore its environmental impact are limited compared to other large …

We have been manufacturing for you since 1997

We have been manufacturing quality products at the best prices for our customers since 1997.

It is because our company works only in a traditional way, to measure and with modern techniques that we can truly adapt to the needs of our customers. Each of the products that come out of our workshop is unique.

Our manufacturing and quality control process allows us to maintain consistent quality and avoid unpleasant surprises.

For example, each …

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