Home automation by FIBARO

Home automation by FIBARO


Your home becomes smart with FIBARO


In addition to being an intelligent and unique solution, FIBARO benefits from a unique design that will adapt to your interior with elegance.


Fibaro features a full line of Z-Wave powered outlets, switches and circuit breakers that will endow your home with global intelligence.


Communication is reliable thanks to the Z-Wave protocol, 100% compatible with other devices in the FIBARO range. The WALLI range is the only complete line of switches and sockets (standard range with the same design without home automation also available).


An LED ring with multiple benefits for your home

You can choose your favorite color of your WALLI equipment. You can also use 2 backlight colors when possible (control of 2 devices for example). The LED ring also lets you know the amount of energy consumed.


The FIBARO WALLI range is compatible with the facades of other manufacturers such as Legrand Celiane, Schmeider ODACE … so no worries to equip yourself, even during renovation. An adapter is necessary for a correct assembly, consult us.


Some advantages of the WALLI range:

– You forgot to turn off the lights, no problem, you control your equipment from your smartphone from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection)
– You have shutters with wired switches, Walli transforms your equipment and allows you to control each shutter individually or centrally, to create scenarios …
– Extremely useful for your children, the LED light rings reassure and guide in the night
– The Walli range is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
– You control your energy consumption and optimize your spending
– Ideal for new construction and renovation

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Project Details
  • The most advanced home automation solution in the world.
  • Energy control, home security, video
  • Scalable installation
  • For new construction or renovation